Can You Randomly Grow A Skin Tag?

Do you know about skin tags? Many people do, and many don’t. If you aren’t sure, that’s okay. But chances are you do know about them. They’re small, flesh-colored bumps that commonly appear on the neck, armpit or groin. They can also appear on the eyelids or under the breasts. Perhaps most people know someone who has one of these harmless growths and have even heard of super models with them as well. While they may seem like a nuisance at first, they are far from it. They are not dangerous in any way; however, if they become irritated by friction or clothing they might itch more than usual. In case you were wondering – yes, they can grow randomly on anyone at anytime without any external factors causing them whatsoever. The reason why a lot of people think they do have something to do with irritation is because many products are marketed towards people who struggle to deal with these bumps while others might think it is just another term for “acanthosis nigriosus” which is an appearance of brown spots that often precede skin tags and can be treated in a similar manner (aside from taking care of them).

## How Do Skin Tags Form?

Skin tags are tiny growths on the skin that form mainly due to hyperplasia of the dermal papillae. The exact cause of their formation remains unknown, but one theory suggests that a possible trigger could be a change in the level of estrogen that is produced by the body.

Skin tags are generally harmless, but they may be a sign of a larger issue if they are large or growing bothersome. If you are wondering how they form, the answer is – no one really knows. While there are some things you can do to make sure they don’t develop into a skin tag.

## Can You Randomly Grow A Skin Tag?

Yes and no. We’re glad we’re not the only ones who are confused here. The answer to this question is actually “it depends.” The fact is that you can grow a skin tag randomly, but we’re not sure about persistently.

Some people are more likely to get them than others. That’s why women are more prone to them than men. But you can’t just blame your genes. It could be something in your environment that is making you more likely to get them. It could be stress, something you’re eating, or even the hygiene you have while showering.

## Can Random Skin Tag Growth Be Treated?

This one is a bit complicated. While many skin tags can be removed safely by a doctor, this is only true in certain cases. And we’re not just talking about people who have a dermatologist nearby to remove them. There are some home remedies that are useful in removing skin tags as well.

But first, let’s talk a bit about how skin tag treatments work. The thing is, skin tags are really benign. So while they can be removed, they don’t typically need much treatment.

Skin tag removal by a doctor is only necessary when there’s a medical reason behind the skin tag. A skin tag that is connected to the skin by a blood vessel, for example, will require surgery to be removed. And the same goes for skin tags that are on a nerve, on the groin, or on an area that is too delicate to just cut off.

## Is It Possible To Remove Skin Tagging?

Yes, but we recommend that you consult a doctor if you think you can remove them on your own. Don’t be embarrassed or concerned about this though. After all, a skin tag is not dangerous in any way.

Skin tags can be removed safely and easily by a dermatologist. This is the best way to go about it, as they do have a tendency to come back.

If you want to remove them at home, we recommend that you try some home remedies first. You may be surprised to find out that some of them actually work!

## Conclusion

Skin tags are basically harmless growths that are formed on the skin by tiny outgrowths from the skin cells. They can occur on almost any part of the body, including the neck, armpit, breasts, and under the eyelids. The only risk of a skin tag is that it might become irritated and inflamed by rubbing against something, clothing, or growing too large. Because they are quite harmless, they can be easily removed at home without any risks.

Skin tags are not dangerous in any way, and they are not indicative of a health problem. While they can be annoying at times, they don’t require any treatment other than removing them. They can be removed by your dermatologist, or you can try some of these home remedies to remove them yourself.

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